White Residue On Anti Slip Treated Tiles

The newly treated anti-slip floor is ready to be used immediately after the treatment process is complete. There will be a noticeable and dramatic difference in walking “sure footedness”.

Some patches of white residue – efflorescence may appear on the floor. This is normal and usually will take a few weeks of regular cleaning and maintenance but it will eventually disappear.

If not properly informed, the customer is often surprised by this visual change, thinking the floor is damaged in some way, it is NOT.
It is important to ALWAYS let the customer know this is possible prior to the scheduling of the work. It may also show-up during your test area treatment.

It will not usually happen with quality, glazed tiles, porcelain tiles or any fully vitrified processed clay quality tiles, other than grout joint efflorescence. Of the extruded natural clay tiles, it should only happen occasionally – i.e. where a lesser quality tile was originally chosen. White Residue
Photos provided by Don Keizer - Mr. Anti-Slip

The above pictures showing a ceramic tile floor, demonstrate typical visual appearance before and immediately after the treatment process. Within a few weeks, other than cleanliness and slip resistance, it is virtually impossible to tell the difference.

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