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We have had Safe Grip on our floors now for over three years and find it to be very durable with no apparent loss at all of it's non slip properties. We started with the product on our main walkways and work areas, but now have extended it throughout the factory to include cool rooms and freezers. Tibor has offered great service and help with ideas for certain problem areas specific to our operation as well as excellent after sales service.

I recommend both the Safe Grip product and the company Global Safe without reservation, it has been a pleasure to do business with them.

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It has been just over twelve months since the application of the Globalsafe products and the Executive Committee at Sturdee parade would like to convey to you that we have been extremely happy not only with the products which you have installed to eliminate our slip and fall concerns, but also with the ongoing reporting of the floor condition that your company has provided over the past twelve months. This very valuable regular assessment and reporting feedback has allowed us to keep abreast of ongoing condition of the floors and stairs at this property.

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I would like to congratulate to you for actually doing what you said you could,
creating a non slip surface to the tiles.

Robert Amersen
Portfolio Manager
BCS Strata Management

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Body Corporate Services

I can personally recommend Tibor's product to any concerned manager in these days of high insurance claims. My O.H. & S. Committee are also delighted with the Clubs decision to apply this great non-slip product

M. Baxter

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Canley Heights RSL and Sporting Club

The Safe Solution treatment amazed me, as the stairs. Which are constantly covered with water and previously were very slippery are now completely safe

Mike Bonenti
Moore Park Gardens Management

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Moore Park Gardens

The patio area in some storm activity is very exposed and wet and since the non slip application the surface has improved significantly.

Our management staff has tested it under extreme conditions and are pleased with the results.

Steve Davies
Owner / Operator
Mc Donald’s Rutherford

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McDonald’s Rutherford

New Zealand





If you have any issue or doubt about your floor surface slipperiness, contact your local Authorised Dealer. Our Floor Safety Expert will come to you to asses your situation and will provide you with a complimentary Floor Safety Inspection Report, so you will know whether you have an issue. This is only just the beginning of our service and at all times you can be sure that our representative will have your best interest at heart.

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