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New Zealand

I am the manager of Cannons Creek Pool and am writing to commend the professional service that I have received from Global Safe Technologies.

We are very pleased with the result of the treatment to the tiles, they have been dramatically improved. We now have an ongoing relationship with the company to complete a deep clean every three months to maintain the non slip qualities of there original treatment.

William J Ratty
Cannons Creek Pool Manager

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Cannons Creek Pool

We were looking for a product that could make our tiles safe without losing the aesthetic look of the tiles. Global Safe Technologies NZ offered an ideal solution. We decided to go with their product Safe Solution to remedy the problem of slippery tiles. We also decided, as suggested by Global Safe Technologies NZ, to seal the treated tiles with a product called stain proof. By combining these two products we were able to have the surface made non slip whilst also stain proofing the tiles with little or no change to the overall look.

We are extremely happy and impressed with the work that they have done for us and would be happy to act as verbal referee should anyone wish to discuss this with us.

Domingo De Chavez
Stamford Plaza Hotel

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Stamford Plaza Auckland

We were looking for a product that would not only make the wooden decks and ramps safe without causing any further problems for our staff or pupils, but also in a colour that would complement our overall building colour scheme. Global Safe Technologies NZ offered the ideal solution. Whilst they had a range of non slip products, we decided to go with their environmentally friendly water based polyurethane Floor Tuff Green to remedy the problem. And remedy the problem, they did!

We are extremely pleased with the overall effect on the wooden surfaces, which is both visually pleasing as well as non slip and would have no hesitation in recommending this treatment to anyone concerned with potentially slippery surfaces.

We are extremely happy and impressed with the work that they have done for us and would be happy to act as verbal referee should anyone wish to discuss this with us.

Michael Mercer
Hadlow Preparatory School

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Hadlow Preparatory School

We decided to utilise the products supplied by Global Safe for our flooring in our vehicles and storage areas due to its ease of application and durability once applied.

The product tolerates well high foot traffic and equipment being transported over it. We find it easy to clean, offering a hygienic, safe solution for our ambulance flooring. As our premises and vehicle requirements change we will be applying this product to other areas and vehicles also, allowing us peace of mind that our areas are clean and safe for staff and our customers.

Tina Burt
General Manager
SPS Medics

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SPS Medics

Global Safe Technologies were approached to find a solution, namely their product Safe Solution. This was applied and the results are amazing. The steps and the entranceway to the Centre are now safe in any conditions, and we no longer have to worry about the risk to both customers and staff when the surface is wet.

We would highly recommend Global Safe & their products.

Neville Brown
General Manager

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Wellington Convention Centre






If you have any issue or doubt about your floor surface slipperiness, contact your local Authorised Dealer. Our Floor Safety Expert will come to you to asses your situation and will provide you with a complimentary Floor Safety Inspection Report, so you will know whether you have an issue. This is only just the beginning of our service and at all times you can be sure that our representative will have your best interest at heart.

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